in the file menu, of the 5 types of new items -- note, bookmark, password, serial number, and web archive -- why does only "new note" have a keyboard shortcut? i'm baffled by this. it's more efficient never to have to lift one's hands from the keyboard. but in yojimbo, the only way to create 4 of the 5 types of documents is to either select it from a menubar menu or a button menu. please give us more options. :-)

also, when viewing a smart collection (such as serial numbers) why doesn't command-n create a new entry within *that* collection? seems to me that it should.

i'd be ok with either philosopy: (a) shortcuts that always create a specific type of document, no matter what you're viewing at the time, or (b) context-specific shortcuts (i.e., command-n always creates a new *something*, depending upon what you're viewing at the time). but the latter would only work well if there were also shortcuts for jumping among each of the smart collections. :-)



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