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yes, but to my knowledge, not to yojimbo.  :-)

You can add application specific keyboard shorcuts at the bottom of the list.

Quit Yojimbo.
Add the shorcts via System Preferences.
Re-launch Yojimbo.

I just added the following for testing:

New Bookmark - Command-Control-B
New Web Archive... - Command-Control-A

of course, i can also use quickeys (which i do extensively), but if you ever find yourself using an app on another computer, you have to do without your custom shortcuts, unless quickeys is also installed there and your shortcuts have been imported. so it's nice to learn and use an app's built-in shortcuts, wherever possible.

I am not unsympathetic to your point of view. I'm just trying to give you a solution to this problem using the software you already have :-)


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