That shouldn't be possible because Yojimbo doesn't keep a file in the
file system but copies it into its database. Spotlight will find a
Yojimbo-item but from the way I understand it that's more or less a
link to an entry (and behind that entry is a link to the file in the
database). I guees if you don't do it this way sync will break because
Yojimbo can sync its own database but I guess sync services doesn't
offer to sync any files in the file system (for that there's stuff
like chrono sync).
I would like to see it as well that I can link from Bibdesk to PDFs in
Yojimbo but that's not possible because of the structure of Yojimbo.

I don't know the other products you folks are talking about, but if they can refer to an item by URL, you can create a Yojimbo URL with the Edit->Copy Item Link menu item. This will give you a URL of the form:


Otherwise, your observation that Yojimbo copies its items into the database is correct, and they cannot be "seen" by other applications without a lot of trickery on their part.

Steve Kalkwarf

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