Has anyone used Sente and Yojimbo together to categorize biomedical research articles? I have several hundred articles downloaded and filed in folders in Finder which I would like to put in Yojimbo with tags. However, by moving them to Yojimbo , Sente can no longer open them. Sente (from third street software) is a bibliography search, file, and format application. It also files articles downloaded, but I have not found a good way to link already downloaded articles to it. Sente will search my hard drive and find an article in its bibliography database using Spotlight, and will find articles that I have filed in Yojimbo, but will not open them. Ideally, I would like Sente to be able to find the article, and when I click on the PDF icon within Sente, either open the article in Preview, or in Yojimbo, but instead, nothing happens, even if I have not deleted the article from the Finder.



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