I've just looked at Yojimbo, and it's nearly perfect for my needs in organizing a huge number of little snippets except for one, tiny, little detail.

I'm currently using a small program called Little Secrets to store notes, text, rich text, images, and PDF's. I specifically use this because the files are encrypted. It doesn't do a great job in weeding out and organizing can get a bit cumbersome with LARGE lists, but it does one thing "just right" - when I open up an encrypted archive it asks me for my password. Then it lets me work with that whole archive and skim through, use the data in it, copy, paste, create, etc., without re-entering the password. When I re-open the document after closing it, it asks me for the password again, but NOT UNTIL I CLOSE IT OUT. I keep a large number of passwords around for ssh access to various systems, etc.

I can't seem to find the settings for Yojimbo that amount to "let me enter the password once while I'm working with the program, let me skim through a number of encrypted items, then let me close out the encrypted items" instead of "enter the password every time I want to glance at an encrypted item" or "your encrypted password is always stored and everything encrypted gets opened, period."

Since Yojimbo needs to stay open and is database driven, I can see where you may need to make it time-based rather than waiting for the program or data archive to close, but still. I don't want to keep entering the password over and over, and I want to be password protected if I haven't used Yojimbo for a few (preferably user-set) minutes.

Darius S Garsys


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