Patrick, thanks for the reply. I'm sure you folks are busy. I have put in so many hours trying to solve this (a bit OCD) beyond what I would normally do, just because I feel compelled to get to the bottom of this. Also, as I have about a week left on my trial, there is some urgency. If there's any way to extend the trial, please let me know I did find one clue. I wasn't able to empty the trash within Yojimbo until I put it on the master exclude list for Application Enhancers (haxies-WindowShade, FruitMenu, Labels). I deleted all of the data from my school Mini, then forced a reset from .Mac, Interestingly it populated the Mini with data from my MacBook, which I just brought to school and not from my G5 at home, from which I followed the above procedure to force Y data from it to .Mac. I may be having what J. W. Williamson observed (and was kind enough to Email me privately about), which is an ISP problem. I hope not, as there is no way around that. Cox would laugh at me before they hung up.

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