Here the workflow I'd prefer to have:

1. command-space to invoke quicksilver
2. Type "PayPal" (it would soon learn I'm looking for my Yojimbo record), and hit return.
3. Type in my application password
4. I then find myself in safari at the paypal website with my password on the clipboard.

Anyone know how this could be setup? (or whether it's even possible?) Thanks!

I don't use Quicksilver, but this script works in LaunchBar. I'm sure it can be modified for QS.

on handle_string(theString)
    tell application "Yojimbo"
        set sel to every password item whose location contains theString
        set targetItem to first item of sel
        set itemURL to location of targetItem
        set the clipboard to password of targetItem

        tell application "Safari"
            open location itemURL
        end tell
    end tell
end handle_string


You need to go to the Yojimbo Security preferences, and allow AppleScript access to password items.

If you use Safari, make sure the location field of all your records starts with http:// or https://. Camino allows "slack" urls.

Steve Kalkwarf

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