Probably one of the most frequent uses of Yojimbo for me, is accessing passwords to websites/forums I visit. For most sites these days, I use the same user name, and then generate a unique random password that I store in Yojimbo.

When I access sites, here's the present workflow:

1. F6, switch into yojimbo
2. Type "PayPal" (for instance)
3. Click to select the right record.
4. Click "Copy"
5. Type in my application password.
6. Control click URL to open.

Here the workflow I'd prefer to have:

1. command-space to invoke quicksilver
2. Type "PayPal" (it would soon learn I'm looking for my Yojimbo record), and hit return.
3. Type in my application password
4. I then find myself in safari at the paypal website with my password on the clipboard.

Anyone know how this could be setup? (or whether it's even possible?) Thanks!

Kind regards,

Matt Henderson, MakaluMedia Group | +34 952 900 776 | +1 404 975 0988

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