ideally, i'd like to be able to link from other objects in my toolset (omnifocus tasks, ical events, email messages, misc finder documents, address book contacts, etc.) bidirectionally to yojimbo, such that i could be looking at an item (like a yojimbo note) and could jump to for example a contact or vice versa.

one step toward this ideal is hinted at by the presence of the "copy item link" feature in the edit menu of yojimbo.

a current problem that i am trying to solve is to find some way of keeping track of a large body of "contract-centric" information - that is, lots of contacts, and for each contact, a set of semi- structured (date, text) notes which are linked to contacts which might comprise a history of interactions with an individual. it would be nice if i could use yojimbo as the notes component in a suite of apps that i use to attack this problem.

using address is a semi-requirement, since for various subsets of these contacts, i need to send email, create groups, communicate via IM, print envelopes, ... i also would like to keep the list of contacts sync'd with my pda. thus, using the central mac os store for contacts seems to make sense.

i believe that this cross-linkage should be possible because i have seen versions of it done in other applications. for example, mailtags succeeds in cross-linking between email messages and ical events/tasks. i'd like for yojimbo to be able to do something similar. i'm not sure whether the linked objects should conceptually be considered part of the meta-data of the yojimbo item, i.e., along with dates, tags, comments, label, or part of the content of the yojimbo item, i.e. like a hyperlink or an image or other object that is embedded in the body. perhaps the links should simply be hyperlinks and nothing more - including "special" hyperlinks akin to "x-yojimbo-item://32340234". the links could be created at object creation time (i.e. by a script such as "create a new yojimbo note linked to this contact"), via drag/drop type operations, or perhaps via a contact selector mechanism to be added to yojimbo (analagous to the "address panel" function in

what doesn't seem to work as it should:

i should be able to copy a link from yojimbo and paste it into one of my contact's "URL" fields, then i could navigate from the contact to a yojimbo item containing a note or multiple notes about a contact. when i try to open a yojimbo link in address book, it doesn't work. address book seems to mis-interpret the text i use for the link and it thinks it needs to prepend "http://"; to the front of it. this issue seems to have been discussed on the yojimbo-talk list previously, but afaik the discussion did not lead to a solution to the problem.

what's missing:

ability for yojimbo to link to other objects such as contacts. the same would apply for linking to email messages, ical events, files in the filesystem, etc.

example: drag an address book contact into a yojimbo note and some kind of link (?) gets added to the note that you can click on to navigate back to the original item.

any thoughts or suggestions on tools or techniques? any chance yojimbo would grow to support this task at some point or would this be considered completely out of scope?

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