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> I had the same problem. Apparently the OS still thinks the service is
> there until you delete the file (moving it to the Trash and emptying
> it), and restart. If you think you may want to reinstall it when the
> bug is fixed, you can zip it or just download it again from Devon. I
> hope this helps!

Well, yeah, because the service *is* there.  Services are not data like
fonts, or plug-ins like preference panes that are only loaded if they're
in a certain folder.  Services are provided by applications, either
normal ones or special ones you keep in one of the "Library/Services"
folders.  Once they've registered, you can move them to other folders
(just like any other application) and the OS tracks their new location.

Like any other application, if you don't want it to launch or appear as
an option in the Services menu (or, for traditional applications, as an
"Open With..." option in the contextual menu), you have to convince
Launch Services to unregister it and not track it anymore.  By far the
easiest way to do that is just to delete it.


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