On 17 Dec 2007, at 11:49, Jacob Lyles wrote:

RE: ~/Library/Application Support/Yojimbo/Database.sqlite file

Anyone have a way to merge several of these into one (working) Yojimbo DB?

I have several backed up versions which have different contents and I'd like
to unify them.

It's relatively straightforward (although extremely tedious) to open up sqlite databases and dump their contents. You can even compare two sqlite dumps ...

> diff file1.txt file.txt
< INSERT INTO "ZBLOB" VALUES(3, 770, 1, '06C16BD6-6D53-4068-8172-04FD1F092592', NULL, X'62706C6973743030D4010203040506070A59246172636869766572582476657273696F 6E5424746F7058246F626A656374735F100F4E534B657965644172636869766572120001 86A0D1080954726F6F748001AA0B0C13141C1D25262B2E55246E756C6CD30D

If this was an iPhone hack of interest to millions, no doubt someone would study it in great detail, but for a one-off task it's going to be quicker and easier to export some data from one file, swap the database for another one, and import it again...

While reading the database file is probably safe enough, I expect that there are warnings in the Yojimbo documentation to the effect that one shouldn't try to mess with the data other than via the correct interface. So I think the solution is to identify the changed items somehow and export/import them using commands or AppleScript.


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