I guess this falls somewhere between a feature request and wondering if anyone can suggest a better workaround. I use Yojimbo to maintain my software serial number database (amongst other things.) This database has been around for some time and was migrated from Appleworks to Excel before finding it's current home in Yojimbo. The "problem" is that I have a couple of software products that use license files rather than serial numbers. I currently put a download URL (if relevant) and a note pointing to a file path on machine within the Yojimbo record but I'd really like to be able to attach a copy of the file itself. I realize this opens a bunch of doors and isn't in essence something that Yojimbo is intended for so a feature request is not likely to be fulfilled. And I will be amongst the first to rail on against "feature creep" in Yojimbo--much of its beauty in its simplicity. To that end, does anyone have a more elegant solution than the one I'm using?

Thank you.

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