I realize some folks might resent a suggestion of a non-Yojimbo answer
for this but I offer it only because it has been such a help to me.

Yes, I too would like some increased flexibility for licenses, as I've
gotten not just files, but now an image file (1Password).

Before I used Yojimbo for this I had another way of keeping track of
them.  I created an email account (IMAP) and whenever I got a new
license code, I forwarded the message to that email address.  When I
was setting up a new computer or hard drive or whatever, I could
easily get the codes via webmail or by pointing my mail client at the
IMAP account.  Since it was IMAP (not POP3) I didn't worry about the
messages getting removed from the server.

Now I have a GMail account and have a special label I use for
registration codes.

This was especially handy when I was reinstalling software and tried
to launch Yojimbo only to be told that my Yojimbo demo had expired --
so I couldn't get my Yojimbo license code out of my Yojimbo database.

For what it's worth, I find that a little effort on the front end
(label it / forward it AND add it to Yojimbo) helps a lot.

Now that some of them are files instead of codes, I add a Serial
Number in Yojimbo which says "See GMail"

Oh, and just for completeness, I keep those license-code-files in
"~/Documents/License Codes/" which is backed up to iDisk :-)


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