On Jan 27, 2008, at 4:41 PM, TjL wrote:

which is just text, but it takes a long time to load into Yojimbo when
I am going through my library.

Is it trying to pull data from the network?  How can I tell Yojimbo
"Just save it for offline use"?

It does appear that Web Archives are not strictly static representations of web pages. It's not Yojimbo's fault: that's the way Apple made web archives.

My solution was to use Firefox and the Scrapbook Extension. I save a static copy of the page using the Scrapbook extension, then save that copy to a web archive in Yojimbo. I used QuicKeys to automate the process. Takes a second or two longer, but the web archives load much faster. Since I use the Firefox adblock extension, my solution has the advantage of saving ad-free copies of the web page.

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