I like storing my notes as plain text, and I also like having the option of linking things together, using tables, or other formatting if I need to. Yojimbo lets me do both, converting plain text to rich text on the fly if I choose to add a hyperlink or edit a table. Nice: I have plain text notes and rich text notes living side by side in perfect harmony.

My problem is when I paste formatted text into a plain text note. Doing this in TextEdit and other text editors I use begets plain text, which is what I want. In order to do this in Yojimbo, I have to press Shift-Alt-Command-V (Paste And Match Style), which may be Apple's punishment for trying to use keyboard commands. I'd like to get a behavior like what I have in TextEdit, where I can paste in text and remove the formatting. I couldn't find a preference pane that dealt with this. Any ideas?

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