On 2/21/08 at 9:10 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Allan J. Tsai)

There have been a couple of archived messages requesting boolean
operators in the Yojimbo search. Has this facility changed at all
with 10.5.2? If the Yojimbo search used Spotlight technology, maybe
it allows boolean searches now?

No. Yojimbo is compatible with Spotlight in that I can use Spotlight to do a search to find a Yojimbo item using Spotlight. But Yojimbo doesn't use Spotlight to search its database.

On a related note, can boolean searches be run on Yojimbo notes
through the Spotlight window?

Any Yojimbo item that can be searched using Spotlight, i.e., that is indexed by Spotlight can clearly be found using a boolean Spotlight search.

Unfortunately, even if such a feature works I'm still on 10.4.11 and
won't be upgrading anytime soon. But it helps to know so I can
decide whether to submit a feature request.

Spotlight is more useful in Leopard than it was in Tiger. But the relationship between Spotlight and Yojimbo has not changed from Tiger to Leopard as far as I can determine.

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