On Apr 14, 2008, at 1:36 PM, Krzysztof Maj wrote:
just a simple question. I have PDF file inside the Yojimbo. I would like to annotate/rotate it and save it once again into Yojimbo database. How to do it? Now I have to open this file in Preview, do all my changes, save the file to the hard disk and import this file once again into Yojimbo. Now I have duplicate and I need to delete the old one file from the Yojimbo database. Even if I use Print- >Save as PDF in Yojimbo" option from the Preview I will get duplicate inside the Yojimbo database.

I think it's irritating process just a bit and take a long time. Maybe someone can suggest something to make it easier?

I ran into the same issue, and I came up with a very simple solution: don't use Yojimbo to store PDFs that you want edit or annotate. That's not what Yojimbo was designed for.

I've been using Leap


for storing PDFs I want to edit and have been very happy with it. As a bonus, Leap also acts like Yojimbo for all my files that won't or shouldn't go into Yojimbo.

Leap is expensive ($59) but worth it in my book. If you don't want to spend that much money, look at Yep ($39):


It just works with PDFs.

Hope that helps.

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