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On Apr 15, 2008, at 11:54 AM, Michael Klouda wrote:
I love Yojimbo and although I often want more from all my applications I find that Yojimbo does a tremendous amount for me easily and without the features that have been discussed here recently. However, as I use the tool more and more I find that there are a few items I would really love to have available. They are:

1) The ability to create a check box next to any list items so that if my notes include to do lists I can check them off. Currently I use a method where i italicize any work in progress in a list, bold any priority items and change the color to grey when they are completed. I use Yojimbo for my GTD application.


2) Hierarchical folder structure. I like getting organized and items in notes in collections in folders would be beneficial


3) iPhone version so that I can have my collection on my phone, make updates and sync back to my desktop version. This would be a killer app for me at this point.

Can I go +100? :-)

4) Ability to easily change folder/other icons.

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