On 2008-04-15, at 18:29, Ted Wood wrote:

On 15-Apr-08, at 8:54 AM, Michael Klouda wrote:
1) The ability to create a check box next to any list items so that if my notes include to do lists I can check them off. Currently I use a method where i italicize any work in progress in a list, bold any priority items and change the color to grey when they are completed. I use Yojimbo for my GTD application.

Agreed. 10.5 has a system-wide ToDo framework now, and it would be great for Yojimbo to support this, but the drawback would be dropping support for 10.4. I don't think that will happen just yet.

Yes definitelly Yojimbo needs an update! Just be more integrated with OSX and allow people to open PDF file for editing in their favorite program and save the PDF file back to the Yojimbo database without any duplicates and with all the tags preserved. Would be just awesome! For me there is lack of features like that, but also some integration staff like TODOs and especially notes from the Mail.app!

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