On 2008-04-21, at 13:53, Carlton Gibson wrote:

On 18 Apr 2008, at 23:27, Rhet Turnbull wrote:

It would be nice if Yojimbo optionally offered to install some "best of" scripts. For example, the archive email to Yojimbo functionality is something a lot of people probably would use. But users who don't frequent this mailing list won't even know about it.

On this, is there even a 'best of' links page that can direct the interested Yojimbo users to available resources?

(I'm thinking we need a Bare Bones Script Directory... but maybe one exists already?)

Yes it would be great to dig into this kind of directory or maybe developers of Yojimbo would extend little bit the functionality of the program and add some new features that are welcome from customer point of view. Please give us an update for this wonderful program!

Krzysztof M.

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