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The combination of block-level file updates and a nightly backup schedule would greatly reduce the opportunity for the type of problem I describe to occur. Also, I assume the nightly backup occurs when you aren't actively using Yojimbo. I believe this explains you success to date but doesn't mean Yojimbo is inherently compatible with JungleDisk.

I'll can't disagree with that. My offsite backup takes place at 2:30am--a time when I'm seldom at the computer and a logical time for such a backup to occur. The backups happens without shutting Yojimbo down and they are "incremental" (or block-level if you prefer)--my entire Yojimbo database isn't being uploaded every night, saving on time and upload charges to JD/S3. I can't speak for Time Machine's behavior with Yojimbo as I've never allowed it to back up those files but I do know of a colleague who learned that Time Machine wasn't backing up a shared File Maker database because it was always open. Perhaps the "core data/sqlite" nature of Yojimbo makes this less of an issue--that's for wonkier minds than mine to worry over. (And as I don't run Filemaker at this time, I have no idea what it's behavior would be vis-a-vis JungeDisk Plus.)

Take what you will from my findings, but I am satisfied that my Yojimbo data is being backed up on a nightly basis (with the proviso that if I'm working through the night, a backup might be skipped) as confirmed by the modification date on the JungleDisk'd Yojimbo file which I check regularly and my testing of that archived file--a procedure which will be repeated on an ad hoc basis. It may not be "inherently compatible" but since it looks and quacks like a duck, I believe I provided a satisfactory answer to the original question. And if I have to resort to my offsite backup--as opposed the local Time Machine/SuperDuper drive--I'd rather have a Yojimbo file from yesteray or last week (or even last month) than no file at all--and there are probably a number of higher priorities on my worry list.

YMMV. Best regards!


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