For the people who complain it doesn't have XXX feature, did you only
notice this after your free 30 day trial period was over? There really
is no logical reason someone can complain they bought the product but
can't use it effectively because it didn't have XXX.

For those who sent Yojimbo to the trash because it didn't have XXX,
what product did you move to instead? What was it lacking that Yojimbo
has? Did you tell the developers of that product you were going to
trash it because it didn't have YYY that Yojimbo did? I would love to
hear the "success" stories of people who trashed Yojimbo because
something was "better."

My point is, no one has any excuse to say they didn't know Yojimbo
couldn't meet their needs before buying it, and that any one product
will meet every feature they demand^H^H^H^H^H^Hrequest.


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