On 3 May 2008, at 01:32, Scott J. Lopez wrote:

I want to start a positive thread on what interesting things everyone
uses Yojimbo for.. Maybe everyone could post one interesting thing
they use the application for, we all might find some new uses..

So here's mine..

I use Yojimbo as a temporary store for things until I've got time to organise them properly.

I don't want to store things in Yojimbo permanently as I already have a file system manager with labels, and comments and full text search -- one with nested folders, and as powerful a set of smart folders that one could wish for (until the next Model-T replaces our current horse that is). There's no way, for permanent storage, that I'd ever give up the power of the file system.

Passwords *end up* in my Keychain.

Bookmarks I want to keep *end up* in Safari.

Everything else ends up in the *correct* folder.

There is such a thing as the *correct* folder as there are such things as objective hierarchies -- ones which capture real relationships between things. You can think of genus-species groupings in biology, or project-file groupings in your work. Where such groupings exist, a hierarchical file structure has real value, but they take some thinking about to be stable/valuable-- which is why the profession of 'librarian' exists for one. Yojimbo -- and tagging -- fills a nice gap for me while I'm still working these things out (or in the middle of something else important when the new bit of stuff arrives).

Others may take a different approach, this is mine.


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