> I want to start a positive thread on what interesting things everyone
> uses Yojimbo for.. Maybe everyone could post one interesting thing
> they use the application for, we all might find some new uses..

Thanks for changing the direction Scott.

I also use Yojimbo for storing reciepts. I'm a freelance designer and
taxes were much more pleasant to deal with this year having my reciepts
stored, named and grouped in a place I could easily find.

One of my favorite ways to use Yojimbo is as a swipe/morgue image file.
I wanted to save office space and have a much more usable reference
system for photographs, illustrations, and designs that I find inspiring
and useful for future projects.

The majority of the work is going through the stacks of magazines and
sketchbooks, cutting out what I like, then scanning them into Photoshop.
If I have a big stack of clippings I'll just keep scanning until I'm
done before I begin importing it to Yojimbo. Once I'm done I'll go to
each file, hit select all, copy, then open the Yojimbo quick input
panel. The image is now sitting pretty in the preview pane. I then name,
tag, and add any comments I need. Hit return and I'm done. 

It's been a great way to get the creative juices flowing or present
clients with ideas for their next project. If I only used Yojimbo for
that it would be an amazing tool.


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