But in that case I'd like to be able to add a prefix to a tag as soon as the project is completed, to drop it to the bottom of that list and keep only the active projects on top. Is there a way to edit a tag once you've created it so that it will be changed everywhere? Or would I have to type the new tag and delete the old one for every note?

In today's software, tags can not be renamed. Without really watching you work, I think I'd recommend just adding a "completed" tag to the items. So, as a simple example, say you're moving homes. The list of tasks might look something like this:

Find new home
Cancel old lease
Notify electric company
Notify phone company
Notify internet provider
File change of address forms

I'd start with a tag: "moving" and apply it as I created these items.

Find new home I'd hit with an additional tag: "property"

As I went through the classifieds or realtor ads, I'd grab web archives of interesting homes, and tag them with "moving" and "property"

At some point, I'd realize I was searching for "moving" an awful lot, and I'd create a temporary "Moving" Tag Collection.

After settling on a property, I'd likely search the "Moving" Tag Collection for "property" tags, and delete all the items except the one I chose, and the anchor task. I'd add a "complete" Tag to "Find new home".

and so on.

When I was all settled, I'd delete the temporary "Moving" Tag Collection, and forget all about them.

If I decided to move again, I could start over with a search for "moving"...


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