On Mon, 05 May 2008 07:22:49 -0400, [EMAIL PROTECTED] said:
> Okay, I remembered that there was a window somewhere with a list of  
> tags, and I dug around it and found it in preferences. So if I were to  
> create a tag for each project, I could view the list of projects here.  
> Seems a little odd but I could get used to that.
> But in that case I'd like to be able to add a prefix to a tag as soon  
> as the project is completed, to drop it to the bottom of that list and  
> keep only the active projects on top. Is there a way to edit a tag  
> once you've created it so that it will be changed everywhere? Or would  
> I have to type the new tag and delete the old one for every note?
> Scott Marley

I have an Applescript which adds tags, remove tags or changes one tag to
another within selected items - I've found this immensely useful, as I'm
never happy with my tags and am always changing them.

I've only just recently rejoined this list so I'm not sure whether there
is a repository for user Applescripts at the moment, but I'd be happy to
put it there if there is one. Otherwise I can upload it when I get home.

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