> So, as a simple example, say you're moving homes.

I think you'd picked an example that doesn't really map well onto my usual situation with a project, in two regards: First, more than half of my projects are things where, once the project is completed, I still want to have the notes easily accessible as a set, because I may be doing the same task or a similar one within a year or two or may want to share my notes with someone who is. That's (hopefully!) not the case with moving.

And second, you've broken up the project of moving into a lot of individual subprojects that will be completed at widely different times, so it can make sense to get each one out of the way. More likely, though, most of the individual subprojects of one of my projects will be completed within the space of a few days, and only after I have completed maybe 85% of my planning for all of them. It's really not all that crucial to get the notes for Monday's schedule out of the way on Tuesday morning, say, because by then my planning is mostly done and I'm only going to be changing Tuesday's schedule if in response to something unexpected.

Anyway, I'm happy with my own system: If a note within a project is dealt with, I prefix the title with an omega (control-Z), which drops it to the bottom of the alphabetical list where I don't have to keep scanning over it while I work on the notes that are still active, yet if I need to refer to it (and until the project is 100% complete, the odds of needing to revisit *something* I thought was already finished are pretty good), it's only a scroll away. That works just as well in Yojimbo as elsewhere.

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