> You’re definitely not alone in your
> hesitance to use tags. David said
> this weekend that humans are spatial
> thinkers. Which is why stuffing things
> into an established hierarchy makes
> more sense than tags. While it’s true
> that - some - people are spatial
> thinkers, there are also people who
> are relational, oral, experiential,
> and a number of other types of
> thinkers.

I'm sure that's true, but it doesn't feel to me like that's why I don't use tags. It's because they seem like a lot of extra typing for not enough benefit. If I give each file a title that makes sense to me, and I can search by keywords for files that I forgot where I put, then I don't find much further advantage to tagging. (To give a title, I imagine myself trying to find this file six months from now and ask myself what's the first word or phrase I'd look for it under, and I put that at the start of the title.)

One thing that occurs to me, though, is that a lot of folks are talking about having separate items for things that I would be compiling into a single list instead. If I come across a review of a book I want to keep an eye out for, I don't make it a separate item and tag it something like "book I might want"; I add it to my list of books.

The advantage is that the list is itself a single block of text that I can easily cut and paste into the notes of a phony contact, so that I can access it on my iPhone if I find myself in a used book store on the spur of the moment. In pre-iPhone days, I syncked these lists to my PDA. In either case, I find the information handier to use as a single list that I can scroll up and down through than as several dozen individual items. (Oh boy will I be happy when I can actually take a long text file from my desktop and get it ONTO my iPhone without this dumb kludge.)

If I want to keep the review as well to read or refer to later, I save that, too, either in my "To be read" collection or in my big catch-all general reference folder. But that's separate from my list of books to keep an eye out for.

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