> Sounds like you need OmniFocus.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm surprised I didn't know about it, as I have and love some of their other programs. I've downloaded it and will take a look. One thing I saw in the description that was attractive to me is that you can email a note to yourself and have it added to OmniFocus automatically. Very cool. Now that I've swapped my old Palm for an iPhone, I find myself emailing notes to myself a lot and then processing them when I get back to my laptop, because it's the easiest way to get them into my system.

On the other hand, I also want to find a way to get my lists from my laptop onto my iPhone easily (and hopefully not stashed in the notes box of a dummy contact, which is the only way I know to do it at present -- so it takes a slightly annoying number of taps to access information that ought to be closer at hand, and it really sucks aesthetically). Doesn't say on the website if OmniFocus can export current lists as text files; it would be a plus for me if it does.

I'm a bit leery of buying specialized software for something that is essentially list-making and that I'm not really feeling any problem with how I'm handling now; but maybe if it makes some of the "bookkeeping" element of it easier, might be worth it. I'll take a look when I have a little time.

Thanks also to whoever mentioned Eagle Filer, which I hadn't heard of before either. I'm kind of tired of spending money on more note- organizing programs, though, so unless it has a very clear advantage to me over Yojimbo I can't see myself switching yet again. Already gone through iOrganize (liked its simplicity, but absolutely no response to repeated email messages about a license I'd paid for not working, so that left a very bad taste), SOHO Notes (runs slow when it gets full, and I've lost important notes twice now through its bugginess), Circus Ponies NoteBook (which I love and still use for a few particular applications), maybe some others too that I'm not thinking of just now. Nested folders isn't enough of a make-or-break issue for me to go through the process of transferring all my notes yet again to a new system, nor do I want to lose .Mac syncking, which *is* halfway to being a make-or-break issue for me these days.

What I'm leaning toward right now is going back to what I was doing for a while, exporting my notes for completed projects as text files and keeping them organized that way. Not ideal, but keeping my list of collections and the drop dock more manageable seems more important than the few seconds it'll take me to re-import the files if I need them again.

The killer feature for me at this point would be to be able to access and edit my text notes on my iPhone. If Yojimbo doesn't develop a way to do that, and a similar program does, I'll be tempted to switch. Add in .Mac syncking and I'll be *very* tempted.

Scott Marley

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