Well it sounds like Yojimbo isn't the product for you, but if you're
willing to "jailbreak" your iPhone there's a number of tools that will
do what you're looking for. You can edit files right on the iPhone
with vi (if you're comfortable with it and a terminal, or use
MobileTextEdit if you're not), use FTP/scp/AFP/Samba to copy files
in/out, use apache or lighttpd to serve files (to your iPhone or to
anyone else via WiFi) and the PDF/DOC/XLS viewer to view any of those
document types.

Not an official solution, but there is certainly a way to accomplish
what you want on the iPhone.


On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 2:00 PM,  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've looked at Webjimbo and it didn't work for my purposes. A lot of my time
> for personal planning happens while I'm commuting on BART, and network
> access is frustratingly intermittent. And even when I'm within network
> access, the iPhone can be slow to upload. What I really want is the files ON
> my iPhone.
>  I'm not concerned about file size. I've got 8 G on my iPhone and I'm using
> less than 1 G of it as it is (I carry my music on my iPod). And the notes I
> would like to keep handy are mostly text files, and even with several
> hundred of them, they are still a long, long way from eating up seven gigs.
>  Scott Marley

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