On 22 May 2008, at 21:08, John wrote:

I'm, beginning to like BB's method of tags and searching.

Does anyone have any opinions on how YJ compares to Notebook from Circus Ponies? I like YJ and since Notebook is $20 more than YJ, I haven't tried it. Just wondering if anyone else here has, and can comment on how the two compare.


I have a Notebook licence which I got through MacHeist, and I did try using it for a while, though moved back to Yojimbo as my main "stuff manager".

Notebook, I think, would be great if you are lucky enough to have clearly-defined projects which don't interact with each other a lot. It has all sorts of nice ways to subdivide content, have different pages allowing entry in different formats (one page could be a big free text thing, another an outline, another a dated log) and does things like export tasks to iCal.

I found in practice that with my "stuff inbox" mostly consisting of lots of small random items appearing and needing to be organised, and things which seem to endlessly move about between projects and be relevant to dozens at once, this didn't really fit in with how I wanted to do things, and so I ended up sticking with a combination of Yojimbo and iCal. However, Notebook is certainly a good product, and one I enjoyed using - I preferred keeping activity logs with Notebook over Yojimbo for instance.

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