On 4 Jun 2008, at 03:08, John wrote:

I ditched NoteBook in favor of Yojimbo. I still have 15 days left on my Yojimbo demo.

I am now also looking at EagleFiler from C-command Software, Michael Tsai the SpamSieve developer. So far, it looks awesome, but appears to lack encryption like Yojimbo has.

I am just wondering if any of you folks here have tried/used EagleFiler and if so, what your opinions are.

Thanx in advance,

I tried out EagleFiler for a while, attracted by nested folders and the ability to store pretty much any file type, but in the end I ended up thinking "why am I not just using the Finder and Spotlight here?" I am fairly disciplined with my project folders anyway, and EagleFiler was just an extra step between creation or receipt and filing that was getting in the way. Write a new script or make a new texture... right, that's ready... oh bother it, now I have to import it into EagleFiler as well. I ended up leaving things on the desktop "to be filed" which is not a good result.

I found the tagging system inconvenient (all tags have to be pre- declared) and the fact that you can't import bookmarks or weblocs was irksome. It does lack file-level encryption, yes, another annoying part. In the end I did simply move back to using the Finder - though EagleFiler does make this incredibly easy, seeing as how it stores everything in folders anyway.

I do know some people who absolutely love it mind you.

Incidentally I have an ongoing mindmap with personal notes on a few different "junk drawer" apps (as well as other types) - http://www.mindmeister.com/maps/show_public/6347995 - including EagleFiler, Yojimbo and Notebook.

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