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I found the tagging system inconvenient (all tags have to be pre- declared) and the fact that you can't import bookmarks or weblocs was irksome. It does lack file-level encryption, yes, another annoying part. In the end I did simply move back to using the Finder - though EagleFiler does make this incredibly easy, seeing as how it stores everything in folders anyway.

Tags in EagleFiler do not need to be pre-declared. You can type new ones directly into the field at the bottom of the window or in the Info inspector.

EagleFiler imports bookmarks and weblocs and converts them to Web archives, which provide a content preview and text that you can search for. The Open Source URL command (or Option-double click) lets you open the live page in your browser, as with a bookmark.

EagleFiler encrypts per-library rather than per-file. This lets it provide content searching of encrypted files, and it eliminates the security issue of having unencrypted data left on the disk after encrypting an existing item. Also, the metadata (title, notes, tags, URL, etc.) are encrypted in addition to the content.

So there are reasons for the way EagleFiler works, and they're often about tradeoffs. Yojimbo and other apps make different decisions, for different reasons.

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