I'm encountering a problem when using Yxa as a stateless proxy where
unexpected ACKs are recieved by the proxy after forwarding a 200 OK to the
remote UA.  It appears that the UA doesn't conform to RFC 3261 Yxa does.  I guess Yxa is supposed to forward ACKs
which don't
belong to an transaction to the core for processing, but I get the following

2006-11-15 15:48:34.148 debug<0.193.0>:Transaction state list: ACK request
does not match any existing transaction
2006-11-15 15:48:34.150 debug<0.193.0>:Transaction layer: Received ACK
sip:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:5060 that does not match any existing transaction,
passing to core.
2006-11-15 15:48:34.152 error<0.193.0>:=ERROR REPORT==== from SIP message
handler (in sipserver:process()) :
function_clause, stacktrace : [{transactionlayer,


I'm guessing that incomingproxy:get_branchbase_from_handler() needs to
handle undefined transaction handlers.  Attached is my patch to
incomingproxy.erl which seems to work so far.

- Ryder

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