Ryder Rishel wrote:
> I'm encountering a problem when using Yxa as a stateless proxy where 
> unexpected ACKs are recieved by the proxy after forwarding a 200 OK to 
> the remote UA.  It appears that the UA doesn't conform to RFC 3261 
> <> whereas Yxa does.  I guess Yxa is supposed to 
> forward ACKs which don't belong to an transaction to the core for 
> processing, but I get the following error:
> 2006-11-15 15:48:34.148 debug<0.193.0>:Transaction state list: ACK 
> request does not match any existing transaction
> 2006-11-15 15:48:34.150 debug<0.193.0>:Transaction layer: Received ACK 
> sip:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:5060 that does not match any existing transaction, 
> passing to core.
> 2006-11-15 15:48:34.152 error<0.193.0>:=ERROR REPORT==== from SIP 
> message handler (in sipserver:process()) :
> function_clause, stacktrace : [{transactionlayer,
>                                    get_branch_from_handler,
>                                    [undefined]},
> {incomingproxy,get_branchbase_from_handler,1},
>                                {incomingproxy,request,2},
>                                {sipserver,process,3},
>                                {sipserver,safe_spawn_child,3}]
> I'm guessing that incomingproxy:get_branchbase_from_handler() needs to 
> handle undefined transaction handlers.  Attached is my patch to 
> incomingproxy.erl which seems to work so far.


What does the ACK message look like? (look in incomingproxy.debug)

What version of YXA are you using? It looks like svn trunk? If that is 
the case then I have accidentally introduced this bug very recently, and 
your patch at least at first thought is the right way to solve the problem.


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