I've just finished some exciting new stuff which adds the capability to 
test whole YXA applications. First out is some test cases for a mostly 
rewritten pstnproxy application - see src/pstnproxy_test.erl.

The new stuff that enabled me to do this is yxa_test_config, that makes 
it possible to set up a known configuration when running test cases, and 
a sipuserdb_test userdb backend, that makes it easy to set up a user 
database for the tests. Both these operate on an per-Erlang-process 
basis, so you don't have to worry about them interfering with your 
running applications.

I'll let things cool down for a few days, and probably write some more 
test cases for the new pstnproxy code before I release the next snapshot.

After that it is time to get YXA 1.0 out the door - YXA has been good 
enough for a long time now.

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