This is hopefully the last snapshot before YXA 1.0.

Changes since snapshot 2006-09-22 :

* Move to Erlang/OTP R11B-2.

* Fix all anomalies reported by (patched) Dialyzer from R11B-2.

* Made the SIP DNS implementation in sipdst.erl RFC3263 compliant. This
   might hurt you if you have phones that only do UDP (and therefor
   suck). You might need to work around their lack of functionality by
   setting udp_max_datagram_size to something larger than your MTU (like
   3072 or similar).

* Changed the API for YXA applications request- and response functions
   (see separate mail to yxa-devel mailing list).

* Imported latest eldap (LDAP client) from jungerl, and improved the way
   we try to reconnect when LDAP connections fails.

* Various updates to the new eventserver after having interop-tested it
   at SIPit 19. Presence works with some clients and a bit of luck now.
   Both presence and dialog event packages are still experimental.

* Made Outbound registrations work over UDP too (was buggy).

* Introduced configuration validation types 'tuple' and '{tuple, Arity}'

* Got rid of lots of 'magic tuples' in the transport layer.

* Made logging more configurable. Based on patch by Serge Aleynikov.

* Added hook for possible modification of request/destination between
   YXA applications and sippipe.

* Introduce yxa_test_config making it possible to supply 'fake'
   configuration in unit tests.

* Implement sipuserdb_test backend for use in unit tests.

* Rewrote most of pstnproxy, and added tests covering much larger parts
   of the applications logic than was possible before yxa_test_config and

* Made it possible to override the IP address detection code with the
   configuration parameter 'myips'.

plus bug fixes and assorted added test cases.

MD5 :

f34bddd0fc3eb944dc544064f12911d8  yxa-2006-12-05.tar.gz

SHA1 :

70ab1998c2ddad7c2aa789e35545025f7c31cb32  yxa-2006-12-05.tar.gz

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