Yesterday I made a huge commit (I cancelled the commit message, if you 
are subscribed to the yxa-commit list) of changes to the documentation 
of 'all' functions in YXA.

The changes were not into edoc format, but just normalizations to make 
it possible to convert them (programatically) into edoc format later. 
The reason to not go all the way right now is that currently edoc can't 
handle descriptions of parameters. Since we have lots and lots of such, 
it seems a waste to just loose them all so I have started discussing how 
they could be retained with the author of edoc.

You can see a preview of generated edoc API documentation at


If you want to see how the modified source (after transformation into 
edoc format) looks, I've put .erl files in the src/config/ directory, so 
for example see


Comments and suggestions about the edoc format I chose is solicited.

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