Hi List,

We are trying to connect many SIP UAs through a SIP proxy to a Tekelec 
switch. The tricky part is that the Tekelec provides a VPRI service that 
expects either a UA or SBC and the SIP dialog with a proxy is somewhat 
different. The first and likely not the only differnce is that UAs don't 
present multiple Via records which confuse the Tekelec.
If possible, I'd like to use Yxa - I already spent some time with 
OpenSER and am appalled at how poorly it's designed and implemented. And 
modifying it is definitely not for the faint of heart.
If anyone has any suggestions of how we can use Yxa for this type of 
application or point me to any relevant resources, I'd be most appreciative.

Best regards,
Peter Krnjevic

PS: Once I got past the SSL distribution issues, getting Yxa and the 
Yaws gui up and running took no time at all - works like a charm!

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