I'm having problems with the yaws web interface to yxa (probably the 
result of being new to yxa, yaws and erlang ;-) ).
First I launch yxa with:

./incomingproxy -d

This works fine and I see debug messages as phones register.
I then launch yaws:

yaws -i --name yxayaws

But when I browse to mtoser:8080 I see:

Yxa administrative web interface
ERROR: Could not contact node

Strangely, if I type node(). on incomingproxy, erlang replies 
and on yxayaws, [EMAIL PROTECTED] But if I try to 
'rpc:call('[EMAIL PROTECTED]',erlang,node,[]).' from 
yxayaws to incomingproxy
I get {badrpc,nodedown}.
OTOH, when running 'erl -name server' and another 'erl -name server' the 
same rpc:call command works fine.
And to top it all off, this was working fine yesterday - but I had 
another problem that I'd like to get to next.

Best regards,
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