Peter Krnjevic wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with Yxa running on redundant servers and 
> have suggestions about this can be best accomplished?

Do you mean like having two incomingproxys serve a domain? Yes - I do 
that everywhere.

How to set up location database replication is described in the 
Bootstrap chapter of the README.

Regarding the configuration, the perhaps tricky part is making sure that 
both nodes have a unique "SIP hostname" listed _first_ in myhostnames.
By "SIP hostname" I mean something that has NAPTR/SRV DNS records.

My setup has the two physical servers and I then 
have a "SIP hostname" for each YXA application running on those


and so on. I then have NAPTR RRs for a "shared" name per application,

to get the load balancing / fault tolerance.

Get yourself acquainted with DNS, NAPTR and SRV records if you are not 
allready. Then feel free to examine my DNS records listed above, as well 
as for my actual domains where my SIP AoR's are, for example

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