Fredrik Thulin wrote:
> Hi
> What Erlang/OTP version should YXA 1.0 require?
> Distributed Erlang over SSL is broken in R11B-3, R11B-4 and R11B-5. This 
> feature is needed if you have more than one YXA application, and want 
> their inter-node communication to be protected from eavesdropping.
> A fix for this has been made available by Bruce Fitzsimons :
Oops. That link was a false start as it didn't really fix the problem, 
it only appeared to :-(

Here are the real patches, which were much more involved. I hate how my 
mistakes live for all eternity on the internet :-)

(This is the patch that Peter K applied, well at least the one I sent 
him to)   and

I'd appreciate any comments/cleanup. If I sound frustrated in those 
posts it is because it was not a simple thing to fix and the code in 
there was twisted enough that I am still worried I may have left a 
latent bug. It's been working fine for me though, but I've not got any 
other use for SSL in my apps.

I'd prefer option 1, although failing that option 2. It is unlikely 
anybody else will patch this until the final fix comes out. I've not had 
any response from /// about inclusion in a later release, and it isn't 
in the last snapshot I looked at, but this seems to be fairly standard 
(not in a bad way, I'm sure they're just busy). If someone can ask them 
nicely to include it when they're at the EUC I'm sure we'd all 
appreciate it.

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