Fredrik Thulin wrote:
> Bruce Fitzsimons wrote:
>> Matthew O'Gorman wrote:
>>> are the ssl patches going to make it into r12 or is r12 fixed?
>>> mog
>> Hey Mog,
>> It wasn't in the R12 snapshot I last looked at. As Matthias just said:
> ...
>> Cheers,
>> Bruce (who is not even close to being saintly)
> I'll try to get a definite answer to this question from Kenneth Lundin 
> or similar at the EUC on Thursday.

Ok, so the news from EUC is that there won't be an R11B-6.  R12B will be 
released on the fifth of december. From talking with Kenneth and Ingela 
Anderton I believe that R12 will have working SSL distribution.

Apparently I had added to the mis-information by having a link to Bruce' 
s initial "Success!" e-mail in my correspondence with Kenneth, so they 
have applied that patch (hey Bruce, don't blame yourself - those things 
happen =) ). Now I'm going to point out the real patch to them, and 
hopefully they will find it functional.


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