Dmitriy Kargapolov wrote:
> Hi all,
> sippipe/cancel_transaction/3 must check if state field 
> clienttransaction_pid is actually pid() but not atom none, this could 
> happen when, for example there are no more reachable destination 
> available. If server transaction happened to be canceled at this moment, 
> we'll get function clause error in 
> transactionlayer:cancel_client_transaction/3.
> Suggested patch attached.

Good catch.

Sorry for the late response - I am on vacation / paternity leave until 
some time early 2009 (good thing we get _something_ back for paying 
among the most taxes in the world here in Sweden =) ).

Your patch didn't compile though, and I opted for a slightly different 
version avoiding an extra function clause. Committed to trunk (r1686).

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