>> Yxa sends an INVITE using a previously established TCP-connection to
>> remote destination. However, the remote destination closes the
>> connection just after the INVITE has been sent out, resulting in the
>> RST-flag being set in the TCP-packet to Yxa.
>> Since no retransmissions are carried out over TCP this results in a
>> temporary blacklist of that destination.
>> What's your opinion regarding this, should this be corrected at the
>> other end or should Yxa detect this and retransmit?
>I don't know how this line between application and TCP stack is usually
>drawn. If the TCP layer says the sending failed, YXA should treat it as
>a transport error and probably resend using UDP.
>Is there a general race condition in what a sender sends and a receiver
>receives when the receiver closes a TCP connection? I don't know...

Perhaps there is. I'll have to do some research on that.

I've looked into the Yxa code some more and found out that OTP only
returns {error, closed} when this error occurs, so there's not much Yxa
can do about it I'm afraid. There's no way of telling if the connection
was closed with or without the RST-flag set.



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