On 18 maj 2009, at 10.43, Fredrik Thulin wrote:

> On Fri, 2009-05-15 at 16:29 +0200, Jakob Schlyter wrote:
>> hi,
>> is there any way to block a list of From: from using the
>> incomingproxy? I have a list of regexp:s that are never allowed to
>> contact our proxy (i.e. appear in From:).
> Yes, by implementing whatever access control you want in the hook
> local:new_request/3.
> Probably something along the lines of
> new_request(AppModule, Request, YxaCtx) ->
>    case is_bad(Request) of
>       true ->
>           transactionlayer:send_response_handler
>               (YxaCtx#yxa_ctx.thandler, 403, "Forbidden");
>           ignore;
>       false ->
>           undefined
>    end.

has anyone implemented something like this? I'd like to use this to  
add support for simple blacklisting:

1) use a regexp to transform the From: (or perhaps P-Asserted-Identity  
with tel:) into an E.164 number
2) do a ENUM-like lookup in some configurable domain, like query for TXT
3) if something record at the given domain name, reject the call with  
'603 Decline'

I'm no erlang wizkid, but I could assist in setting up the DNS stuff  
if someone can assist with the code.


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