Well, well - the Dangdut legend is not only going to perform in
Pittsburg, US of A, but he's going to speak at an international
conference on Islamic CULTURE.

I wonder whether the artiste is going to talk about the 'kawin siri' and
poligamy to the international audience. Can't wait to read about his
debut as an international speaker on Islamic matters.

Gabriela Rantau

Dangdut legend to perform in U.S.
The Jakarta Post   |  Sat, 09/20/2008 3:59 AM  |   Life

Dangdut music lovers in the U.S. will soon enjoy a special treat as 
legendary singer Rhoma Irama is scheduled to perform in Pittsburg, where
he will  also speak at an international conference on Islamic culture.

"This is  really a surprise for me. This is a golden chance to clarify
that Islam is not  about terror," he said as quoted by Kompas Friday

Rhoma  said he was preparing a paper in english with a theme on Islam's
identity in the  face of global changes.

Picturing the paper being presented in front of  international Muslim
scholars made Rhoma a bit uneasy.

"I'm very much  used to performing outside the country. But the idea of
presenting the paper  makes my heart beats faster," he said while adding
that the essence of his paper  would be that the message of Islam could
be delivered through peaceful means  such as music.

He is scheduled to depart on October  8.

Dangdut is an Indonesian music genre which mixes Indian, Arabic  and
Western music styles. It was initially labeled lower class music, but
this  image has gradually changed over the years with more listeners
coming from  outside the country, notably Japan and the U.S.

A recent Dangdut music singing competition in the U.S. was won by an 
African American, Arreal Tilghman of Delaware. Tilghman is currently in 
Indonesia, teaming up with local musicians in crafting what would become
the  first dangdut music album with an American singer.

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