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We Muslims inherited the guidance of Allah and it is duty of every
Muslim to deliver the message of Allah. We are sending books pertaining
to the knowledge of Islam and comparative religions for free to Muslims,
Non-Muslims and Reverts with the help of Almighty Allah. You can also
download more than 410 titles of books(in more than 68 languages)  from
our websites www.hadices.com <http://www.hadices.com/>
<http://www.hadices.com/ <http://www.hadices.com/> >  and
www.islamic-invitation.com <http://www.islamic-invitation.com/>
<http://www.islamic-invitation.com/ <http://www.islamic-invitation.com/>
> . You are requested kindly give us address of yourself as well as the
addresses of Muslims, Non-Muslims and Reverts so that we can send books
by postal mail. We have books readily available to dispatch and we are
seeking for people who are interested in the study of these books. If
you need specific books please look up the lists of these books given on
our website and notify us about the books selected by you. We shall mail
you your selected books. May Allah accept your endeavor for the sake of

Jazak Allah


Asif Sheikh
www.hadices.com <http://www.hadices.com/>
[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:fidvi%40hotmail.com>

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