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Indonesia - Help Needed to Restore Destroyed Christian Village:

A home flattened in the violence

We reported in May on the destruction of Horale, a mainly Christian village in 
a remote area of Maluku province in Indonesia. It is home to 175 families. On 
the night of 2 May a mob from a predominantly Muslim village nearby attacked 
Horale, wounding 56 Christians and brutally killing four, including an 
84-year-old man and a six-year-old girl. The local school, three churches and 
120 houses were burnt down and crops, fishing boats and motor-cycles destroyed. 
The villagers fled to the jungle to hide from the attackers.

A scene of destruction from Horale
Barnabas Fund is helping the Christians of Horale to rebuild their homes and 
their lives. The first grant was sent earlier this month. The main aim is to 
help the villagers to reconstruct up to 120 houses, by providing funds to cover 
the building materials. An average house costs about £1,000, and the villagers 
will do the building work themselves. If sufficient funds are available 
Barnabas Fund intends also to assist with the reconstruction of the community 
centre and village school, and also to provide fishing boats.

In order to highlight the plight of the Christians of Horale we have put 
together a Powerpoint presentation containing background information and images 
which could be used within a church service or study group. Download as a 
Powerpoint presentation, or PDF.

Will you help the Christians of Horale to rebuild their lives?

Donate Today

If you can help, please click this link to donate online using our secure 
server. (Please quote project reference 22-753). If you prefer to telephone, 
dial: 0800 587 4006 from within the UK or +44 1672 565031 from outside the UK. 
(Please quote project reference 22-753)

If you prefer to send a cheque by post: Click this link for addresses of our 
regional offices. (Please quote project reference 22-753).

Please join with us in prayer...
1. Pray that there may be no return to the intense anti-Christian violence seen 
in Maluku province from 1999 to 2001, and that peaceful and harmonious 
relations between the Christian and Muslim communities may be restored.

2. Pray for the Christians who were injured or bereaved in May`s attack, that 
God will heal their physical and emotional wounds. Pray that they may have 
grace to forgive those who set upon them.

3. Pray for rebuilding of the village: its individual buildings and its common 

Copyright © Barnabas Fund - 25th September 2008

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