Pencipta Angka Ajaib 19 Dari Quran Sudah Mati Dibunuh Muslim !!!
Ternyata sang pencipta angka 19 untuk merekayasa keajaiban Quran
akhirnya dibunuh oleh sesama Muslim karena dianggap merusak akidah
Islam dan menghina Islam.

Setelah dilakukan penelitian yang sesungguhnya ternyata tidak pernah
angka 19 ini memenuhi hitungan yang dirujuk oleh ulama yang
merekayasanya.  Sewaktu dikonfirmasi darimana angka hitungan itu
didapatkan, maka sang penciptanya ini menjelaskan dimana beberapa ayat
telah dihapusnya agar bisa mencocoki angka 19 seperti yang telah
banyak disebar luaskannya.

Bahkan lebih parah lagi, selain menciptakan angka 19 ini dia juga
menyebarkan bahwa namanya juga ada di Quran sebagai utusan Allah.

Dan dia akhirnya ditemukan terbunuh dan dari penyidikan polisi, dia
dibunuh oleh sesama muslim yang ikut serta menghitung angka2 ini yang
kemudian diprotestnya karena tidak cocok.

Silahkan pembaca menikmati berita ini sebagai bukti bagaimana
kehidupan komunitas Islam hanyalah memaksakan kebohongan masing2
ulamanya yang merasa lebih powerful satu dari lainnya.

Ny. Muslim binti Muskitawati.

New Amazing Numerical Miracles in the Quran
by Mumin Salih
31 Mar, 2008
There is a myth that is widely accepted by Muslims that the Quran
contains dozens of what they call `numerical miracles.' According to
the myth, the number of times the Quran mentions certain words carries
special significance. Muslims believe that the abundance of such
interesting patterns in the Quran cannot possibly happen by chance and
must be a miracle. The myth is fairly new; in fact it is a computer
based myth because it only came to light after the computers became
widely available to Muslims. It is remarkable that whenever Muslims
meet a new technology, it becomes a priority for them to adapt it to
have a useful Islamic application. They have a long track record to
support such a salient observation. The following are a few examples: 
·       When Muslims had access to printing machines, a few centuries ago,
the first priority was to print the Quran. 
·       When Muslims had access to watches, the first priority was to ask
the manufacturers to adapt them for Islamic use by adding an azan
(call for prayer) facility. 
·       When Muslims had access to loud speakers, the first priority was to
use them day and night for azan, prayers and recitations of the Quran. 
·       When Muslims had access to modern compasses, they asked the
manufacturers to customize them to display the qibla(Mecca direction). 
·       When Muslims had access to mobile phones, the first priority was to
ask the manufacturers to adapt them to play the azan (call for
prayers) on time. 
·       When Muslims had access to radio and television broadcasting, they
employed them to broadcast the Quran and other Islamic material. 
·       When Muslims had access to medical research, they employed it to
prove the accuracy of the so-called prophetic medicine, which
advocates healing through reading some verses from the Quran and
drinking a glass of camel's urine. 
·       When Muslims learned about the science of geology, they used it to
prove that Mecca is at the center of the earth. 
·       When Muslims had access to the Internet, the first priority was to
use it to propagate Islam by creating thousands of websites to
propagate Islam and Islamic culture, like beheadings and destroying
others' websites.  
Therefore, it was only natural that when Muslims had access to
computers and word processing softwares, their priority was to apply
it to the Quran for the purpose of digging out some new miracles. 
The Background
Few decades ago, Rashad Khalifa, who was an American Muslim and
founder of the Submission sect, claimed that the Quran is based on the
number 19. Khalifa used complex calculations to claim that the Quranic
verses, suras and letters have some kind of connection, no matter how
remote, with the number 19. Despite the weird and confusing methods
used in Khalifa's deceitful work, the numbers did not add up. He even
decided to remove some verses from the Quran in his frantic attempts
to support his claim. With no regard for the Ummah's sensitivity and
the rage Rashad Khalifa removed verses 9:128 and 9:129 from the Quran.
Khalifa became so obsessed with his theory that he eventually claimed
that his own name was encrypted in the Quran as a messenger from
Allah. He was killed shortly after that, of course by other Muslims.  
Here are a few verses where he has inserted his name: 
25:56] .We have sent you (Rashad) as a deliverer of good news, as well
as a warner
[36:3] Most assuredly, you (Rashad) are one of the messengers.
[42:24] Are they saying, "He (Rashad) has fabricated lies about GOD!"?
If GOD willed, He could have sealed your mind, but GOD erases the
falsehood and affirms the truth with His words. He is fully aware of
the innermost thoughts. 
[81:22] Your friend (Rashad) is not crazy. 
When computers became widely available, more Muslims indulged in a
frenzy of discovering interesting patterns in the Quran. The abundant
Arab oil money encouraged any work on anything that remotely suggests
a scientific miracle in the Quran. Without any peer review, such works
are always welcome for publication in the Islamic press. Currently,
there are dozens of such claims that are considered by Muslims to be
coded signals from Allah to help them believe in the divinity of the
This is how the deception works: 
The Muslim's strategy in claiming a miracle in the Quran is to
overwhelm and confuse the reader. When Muslim scholars write about a
scientific miracle in the Quran, they start by haranguing the reader
with many scientific details that neither the readers nor the writers
understand, but it gives the impression that there is some serious
science involved in this Islamic stuff. The lengthy scientific
introduction prepares the Islamic brain to accept whatever they will
claim next. In the case of numerical miracles, the Muslim scholars do
not publish one claim at a time, but dozens of them in a long list,
such as:
·       The word yum (day) is repeated 365 times 
·       The word shahar (month) is repeated 12 times 
·       The word malayka (angels) is repeated 88 times, on the other hand,
the word Shaytan (Satan) is repeated 88 times. 
·       The word hayat (life) is repeated 145 times, on the other hand, the
word Mawt (death) is repeated 145 times 
·       The word bihar (seas) mentioned 32 times, while barr(land) mentioned
13 times. This ratio of 32: 13 is the ratio of surface area of seas to
that of land. 
·       And so on… 
The list may go on for pages and is designed to stun the reader. The
length of the list intimidates the besieged reader from investigating
any of the claims, because even with the assumption that some of the
claims were incorrect, still there are too many of them to be
explained on the basis of coincidence alone. It would never occur to
the readers that most, if not all, of such claims are false. The
errors are not the result of innocent mistakes in counting but are
deliberate fabrication by those Muslims who make or propagate the
claims to mislead their readers. Whenever those Muslims are reminded
that their numbers are wrong they never apologize, but try all means
to justify their count.
Investigating any of the above claims can be a very tricky exercise.
The Arabic language is probably the most difficult when it comes to
word search. In Arabic, the same word can come in different forms,
which is all controlled by the Arabic grammar. For example, the word
yum (Arabic for day), in the first example in the above list, may
appear in many other forms with no difference in the meaning. The word
yum may appear as alyum, yamun, yawman, yawmin, yawmikum, yawmihum,
biyawmin, biyawmihim, and many more! Therefore, performing word
search/ word count in Arabic requires some fluency in the language.
There are few computer programs available to help in this task but
they do not always give the same results. The most accurate way to
count is to read the whole Quran every time you want to count a word,
but no Muslims bother to do that in the presence of computers.
However, the major trick in Arabic word counting is to choose the
forms of the word that you like to include in your count. In the case
of the word yum in the above example, missing one or two forms of the
word can make all the difference without being noticed. 
All the claims in the above list are wrong. Depending on the forms of
the word yum you include in your count, you can get results ranging
from 3 to 385, in the case of the word shahar (month) you get results
ranging from 8 to 18. As to the counts of the word malayka (angels)
and the word Shaytan (Satan) both counts are wrong, the word shaytan
is repeated 77 times while the word malayka is repeated only 44 times.
The Islamic claim that the mentioning of the words bihar (seas) and
barr(land) comes in a ratio of 32:13, which is the ratio of surface
area of seas to that of land,  is also a completely false claim. The
word bihar is actually mentioned 41 times in the Quran, not 32.
I am afraid the Islamic claim of a coded signal in the Quran to prove
its divinity is nothing more than a damning proof of Muslims'
fraudulence. It is also laughable to imagine how Allah would tell off
the unbelievers, according to the Islamic beliefs, on the judgment
day. He would say to them " didn't you notice that I mentioned the
words seas and land in the ratio of 32:13?"
Many of the Muslims who actively propagate claims similar to the
above, never actually check the numbers for themselves; their job is
merely to copy and paste somebody else's work. Probably they were
stunned when they read the numbers for first time and expect others to
be equally astounded by the findings. They naively think they have
unearthed a treasure of science and mathematics. Nothing can be more
disappointing to them than being told its all fake!
The numerical patterns in the Quran are no more frequent and no more
interesting than in any other book of the same size. It is useless to
debate such issues with Muslims, and it is a waste of time to
investigate the claims they make. However, as I was busy performing
the above word counts for the sake of this article, I stumbled upon
some other interesting numerical findings, which Muslims can add to
their collection of miracles.
The first finding is that the name Mohammed is mentioned four times in
the Quran. This is not a computer finding, but an unquestionable fact
known to Muslims for centuries. There is also another name that is
mentioned four times in the Quran and it happens to be the name of the
most hated animal in Islam. Yes you guessed it, it is khanzeer, the
Arabic name for pigs! Does it get any more interesting? Yes it does,
as more word search reveals an interesting word that is also repeated
four times in the Quran and it is the Arabic word kazzab(liar). Can
this happen by chance? Mohammed, pig, liar- or was it meant to be
Mohammed big liar?  subhan allah!
The second interesting finding is to look at the number of times
Mohammed's titles, that is Rasul and Nabi, were mentioned in the
Quran. The word rasul(messenger) is mentioned twice, the other form of
the word al rasul (the messenger) is mentioned 45 times. The word
nabi( prophet) is mentioned seven times and the other form of the word
al nabi ( the prophet) is mentioned thirty times. The total number of
mentioning Mohammed's titles is 84 times. On the other hand, the
number of times the following words are mentioned in the Quran is also
84 times: kazzaba (25 times), iftarahu (7 times), iftara (14
times)(all of which mean lied), kazzab (4 times), affak (2 times) (
all of which mean liar), majnun (6 times)( means mad), saher (7
times), asharr (2 times), atheem(5 times), muatadi (3 times), mureeb
(7 times), zalim (2 times)(all of which are evil descriptions).
Subhana allah!
Here is the details of Allah's number miracle:
Mohammed (4):  3:144, 3:40, 47:2, 48:29
Pigs (4):  2:173, 5:3, 16: 115, 5:60 plural
Kazzab( 4):  38:4, 40:24, 40:28, 54:25
Kazzba (25):  3:184, 6:21, 6:148, 6:157, 7:37, 10:17, 10:39, 12:18,
15:80, 17:59, 20: 48, 25:11, 26:176, 29:18, 29:68, 35:25, 38:14,
39:25, 39:32, 50: 14, 53:11, 67:18, 75:32, 92:16, 96:13.
Iftarahu (7): 10: 38, 11:13, 11:35, 21:5, 25:4, 32:3, 46:8
Iftara (14):  3:94, 4:48, 6:21, 6:93, 6:144, 7:37, 10:17, 11:18,
18:15, 20:61, 23:38, 29:68, 42:24, 61:7.
Affak (2): 26:222, 45:7
Majnun (6): 37:36, 44:14, 51:39, 51:52, 52:29, 54:9.
Saher (7): 7:112, 10:79, 20:69, 38:4, 40:24, 51:39, 51:52.
Asharr(2): 54:25, 72:10.
Atheem(5): 2:276, 26:222, 45:7, 68:12, 83:12. 
Mutadi(3): 50:25, 68:12, 83:12.
Mureeb (7): 11:68, 11:110, 14:9, 34:54, 41:45, 42:14, 50:25.
Zalim(2): 18:35, 35:32.

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